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7th November 2005

8:31am: jumping on the bandwagon because this is a neat idea, since i have so many memories with you people.

if you read this, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. it can be anything you want - good or bad. when you're finished, post this little paragraph on your journal and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you.

i just copied this from someone else but its such a good idea i had to do it

6th November 2005

3:24pm: i've been outside for too long now,

i've seen the seasons come and go.

could be today may be the day,

tomorrow comes and i'll stay the same.

don't know my place,never thought it'd be this way.

can't change my face, never thought i'd see this change.

too many times i've passed these doors,

i've seen them open just to close.

now i'm searching for some new key.

locked up, locked out it comes down on me.

don't know my place,never thought it'd be this way.

can't change my face, never thought i'd see this change.

i've come to see this change,

i've come to stay the same i'll stay until i'm old, unwind, release, unfold.

i've come to stay the same, i'll stay until i'm old i don't want to be cold.
2:59pm: call it a comeback call it nothing call me silly call me later
My boy gage has definetly had a rough week at school

this being a journal i never usualy update i fugure what the heck,i mite as well put something in here instead of bein a weird lurker

yeah so like i said my son has had these big behavior issues at school an it really is consuming my mind cuz i dont want the poor little

guy to feel like hes a bad kid or something all i know to do is be loving and try to just discipline him in my own way i dont spank and i

really dont like to punish him with schoolwork cuz that stuff shouldnt be something he resents all i can do is take away the toys and

television but either way i love the boy sooo much and were definetly gunna get through before he starts real school next year

i dont want my kid to be a bully im not a bully and he really is a very sensitive kid he gets that from me its one of my better qualitys
2:51am: yep
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29th June 2005

12:00am: my story
i wrote a little short story here for yalls

fuck life

the end

i love life but man some days i swear it just sucks
Current Mood: restless

24th June 2005

12:07am: thats fuckin stupid i dont even skate
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15th May 2005

8:46pm: fake update
to whom it may concern,
i have bein neglecting this poor journal for quite some time now
i pry still will neglect it
but either way i would hope that anyone on my friends page mite still consider me a friend... if so comment away!!

so yesterday was kris10s birthday party it was fun.. eh blah to that it was boring like most weekends seem to be lately. i really think i need to expand my social circle things are wayyy to boring.

so anybody wanna go to shows or something lemmie know im going crazy with all this boredom

oh yeah also i just got a new video camera so expect some good bmx vids on here soon

26th April 2005

12:05am: im a sucker

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5th March 2005

1:06am: "dream to make believe"

It's funny how
things work out,
the ones we need
don't know we're there
If I were sand
and you were oceans,
the moon would be
why you're pulled to me

I wake up and think dreams are real
I sleep so I don't have to feel
the truth that you can never be
the one person that won't ever forget me

I hope that dreams
come when I die
so we can talk
I won't wake up
I'll ask you how
your life worked out
I'll never know
that I'm just dreaming

I wake up and think dreams are real
I sleep so I don't have to feel
the truth that you can never be
the one person that won't ever forget me

27th December 2004

7:48am: i made that fricken post yesterday! gerr yesterday i tell ya..

why then do i start talking to a certain someone yesterday after that pos and realize how much i am starting to like them.. i think they like me to jeez louise this always happens when i least expect it.. the only reason this could at any way be a bad thing is cuz the whole situation could be a good way to start some mad drama.... eh what can you do
Current Mood: sleepy

26th December 2004

5:18pm: holy muthatfucking update batman!!
yea so i dont update but maybe this time i will start doin it more frequently
still riding bicycles
still single
still me
coming to the conclusion that is how it will be until someone finds me cuz im tired of looking so thats how its gunna be now
xmas was fun new, new jeans from ae yea name brand shit is actualy nice who woulda thought?

woke up to my daily headache and the realization that you are gone.
oh my sweet darling happiness you've been away from me all along.

one thing that i've never said-
i'm truly happy in my heart and in my head.

my heart bleeds for what you never did
Current Mood: chipper

2nd September 2004

10:43pm: read if u wont hate
the contest at transitions on sunday was amazing....
the local shredders were killing it as usual there was also some kids from ohio and lansing ther just tearing it up. this guy there wearing a tshirt with "some body" stenciled on the back.this kid was fricken nuts he kept trying these 360 backflips and just crashing hard as fuck.. i mean this kid would just eat it hard and then just get back up and try again.. that is why i must say i love bmx. its all a big battle but nothing like any bs team sports. its all in your head..

after a long day i look around and the park is almost empty the contest was fun to watch but as im sitting i feel like im wasting my time with this shit i enjoy riding but if this is what its all about i hate it rding bikes is an art form it takes so much dedication but is this what im killing my body for?? to gain respect from others by riding doin tricks on my bike.. so as usual im stiing here analizing things way to deaply another rider who i respect for his love for the sport stops nexto me as im sitting there looking at the empty park about to take my run and he says to me "now the real contest starts"
Current Mood: nostalgic

13th July 2004

9:18pm: i do what i do cuz i do what i do best
wow its bein a long time once again.

um havent bein up to much but i did start a new job today oh yeah cool for me. still riding little bikes still hanging with gage all is well. um yeah i wil pry update later on tonite

8th February 2004

12:01am: wow today sucked..

I was in one of those horrible situations today. it sucked i cant do too much detail but lets just say some of my family on my kids moms side are a pain in the ass. i ended up driving around this guy who is all rude andwhatnot all day im not no bitch what the heck. i even drove past the garden bowl on my way home too bad i didnt have money since i didnt plan on bein in detroint at 1130 with my kid ha ha.

13th January 2004

11:07pm: i suck at updates
Ahh well here I am its been a while since and update I guess if been busy but I really should update more often. so anyone can thank my good pal jimmy james for telling me to update.

I went to TRP last night it was much fun I am finally hitting the second box jump smooth… cased it a lot though very exciting indeed. Big x ups got em clicked nice a few times nothing special. So yea on a more personal note shit is crazy lately I have so many things to be happy about but I just seem to be searching for something what it is I have no clue
Current Mood: cynical

8th December 2003

5:44pm: so yeah i started my new job last week and ive bein tired as heck. there was so much family drama yesterday it made me feel crazy and it didnt even involve me arg.. me and bones sessioned the garage with the bmx bikes for about 2hrs yesterday fun fun i cant wait til i get the ramps done in there its gunna be like my own private skatepark ha ha yea im gunna have the most kickass garage in the area for sure
Current Mood: drained
5:44pm: patrick
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7th December 2003

12:34am: vamp
You are Form 9, Vampire: The Undying.

"And The Vampire was all that remained on
the blood drowned creation. She attempted to
regrow life from the dead. But as she was
about to give the breath of life, she was
consumed in the flame of The Phoenix and the
cycle began again."

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Her sign is the eclipsed moon.

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You realize that not everything lasts, but you
savor every minute of the good times. While
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broken. Vampires are the best friends to have
because they are sensible.

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9th November 2003

10:25pm: bathroom
You are "When the Curious Girl Realizes She is
Under Glass". You like thoughts of being
with loved ones and being devoted. You tend to
be selfish, but in an artistic way, or at least
you claim it is for art. Oh yeah, and pills are
very good friends of yours. (or they should

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21st October 2003

10:51pm: ARG i love gage
i really like to rid emy bike its so great i dunno why im hust going off about this but really its great i am gunn abe good after winter watch me ha ha oh but yea other than GAGE everything else in life sucks
Current Mood: frustrated

13th October 2003

3:21pm: jeez thats good stuff
Let the weak say I am strong, let yourself say I was wrong, let your heart move on,let your heart move on ...hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens, a thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins, I will never ask if you don't ever tell me, I know you well enough to know you never loved me. . .Broken down in bars and bathrooms, all I did was what I had to, don't believe me when I tell you, It's what anyone would do. Take the time to talk about it, Think a lot and live without it, don't believe me when I tell you, it's what anyone would do. ..This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue, and my eye through the scope, down the barrel of a gun, Remind me to never act that way again, this is you trying hard to make sure that you're seen, with a girl on your arm and your heart on your sleeve. . . I'd never lie to you, unless I had to, I'll do what I got to, unless I had to, I'll do what I got to, the truth, is you could slit my throat,and with my one last gasping breathe, I'd apologize, for bleeding on your shirt.... .but if this is the end it sure has been fun, but i don't think this is the end because there's still things to be done, i wish you'd tell me what you thought of me and not fill my dreams with lies, wake me up in the middle of the night screaming, you're never satisfied, I wasn't ready for this, are you ready for this, so pick a number and pick a name, let's get done with this stupid game, make the decision and come what may, you know what I want to say, take a chance and give a break, take a heart and hand and shake

7th October 2003


why the fuck do i do these things they just make me feel like a sad loser

As much as someone has destroyed
themselves, I still cared about them.
Now they're gone and I'm still living
in the past. I think they are all I ever
had in the world, but it's not so.

What Goddamnit song are you?
Current Mood: amused

30th September 2003

12:55pm: wow i have 4 minutes to get too class and im two floor supstairs its ok i will make it.. i had so much fun over the weekend i went to the taking back sunday saves the day show with meshelle, wow i cant spell but yea.. the show was fun we drank beer in the parking lot much fun. then i went ot a keg party at nicks house that was also fun i only rode my bike for like an hour over the whole weekend though and i was supposed to go ride with piper and stewy but im soooooooo poor. ok this post is over and i think i am still gunna make it too class i just couldnt put any complete sentences

26th September 2003

3:56pm: arg i just fuckin got a 78 on my soc test!!! stupid me damn.
well anyways im goin to taking back sunday and saves the day tomorow woohoo! i got 24/25 on mt speech today though yea im cool adn my inp class is going ok math sucks we wont go there ok well yeah fuck
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